Business Valuations-Family Law

A bespoke share valuation service is provided where this is required to value one party’s assets as part of Divorce or Legal Separation proceedings. Wise Owl’s valuations have been integral to securing enhanced settlements for its clients. Whilst utilising established valuation parameters, Wise Owl also includes asset revaluations, identification of net distributable cash and a forensic approach to EBITDA modelling. Valuation amounts typically enable the legal practitioner to obtain a higher settlement figure for the client, than when using the more traditional valuation parameters.

Experience shows that the best outcomes are achieved when Wise Owl attends the settlement discussions or court hearings in person. This facilitates a quicker resolution process.

Initially, a forensic analysis on income streams and assets is carried out. An initial list of documents to be discovered is provided to the client. This would include bank statements, schedule of assets, sight of trading accounts where appropriate, details of remuneration and expenses. Additional documents may be added to the list for discovery depending on the initial fact find. A report with conclusions is then provided to the client.

With consultants in Dublin, Munster and Galway, Wise Owl Consulting offers a personalised and local service to legal practitioners.