Michael O'Connor - Munster


Michael is a Financial Services professional with over 45 years’ experience across two continents. His initial banking roles were in new client acquisition and credit assessment. Success in these keys areas led to management roles, where he honed his leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. Employer’s expectations were always exceeded.

Michael successfully contributed to, and led a number of time critical projects, where his ability to overcome roadblocks was paramount. He also became proficient at team building, from talent spotting, recruitment, coaching and on to succession and exit planning.


Having worked in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Sligo and Limerick, he availed of a voluntary severance offer in 2010 to relocate to Australia, where a former colleague was Head of Business Banking at Bank of Western Australia.

While in Australia, he worked in a very highly regulated environment, and broadened his skill set by working with complex cash flow lending models in the Mining and Aviation sectors.

In 2018, he returned to Ireland and set up Wise Owl Consulting Ltd, which now has a network of business partners across Ireland to deal with specialist business valuations and asset and repayment investigations.