Our Services

Wise Owl Consulting has specialist expertise in six sectors: Business Valuations for family law cases including Asset and Repayment Investigations; Business Acquisition and Disposal; Debt Restructuring; Loan Assessment; Business Strategy; Financial Projections.

Business Valuations-Family Law

A different approach is used to value business shareholdings. With consultants in Dublin, Munster and Galway, Wise Owl Consulting offers a personalised and local service to legal practitioners.

Business Acquisition and Disposal

Due diligence and Business Valuation services for owners, minority interests and purchasers. Succession and exit planning

Debt Restructuring

Solutions are provided to business and personal clients where indebtedness exceeds the ability to service .Direct negotiation with financial institutions.

Loan Assessment

Loan assessment services are provided on a sub contract basis to Microfinance Ireland Ltd and other agencies.

Business Strategy

Advisory services on business projects and day to day management issues, including acting as an Independent Director.

Financial Projections

An integrated 3 way (Cash Flow/Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet) Excel model is available to enable business owners to plan for the future.