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As the nature of family law cases is highly confidential, it is not appropriate to publish a testimonial here.
However, an existing client solicitor is willing to share her positive experiences with Wise Owl verbally. Contact details on request


MTI ltd – Cork

I retained Michael O’Connor of Wise Owl Consulting Ltd to advise in the sale of my Business in 2019.

Michael proved to be essential in the process as there were many items, some quite complex, to be dealt with. There were also many items for inclusion in the documentation package which were not in place at the time and Michael proved very competent at the difficult task of putting the finished package together which allowed the sale process to be closed.

Michael was instrumental in valuing the business and setting my price expectations and helped in dealing with legal and tax advisers.

All in all, Michael provided an excellent service with good result and I would strongly recommend him to advise anyone considering a Business sale.

Martin Dolan – 19th February 2020
Former Owner MTI ltd – Cork

Xavier Kris (Australia)

Generally speaking, your Lending Manager is not usually top of your Christmas Card list, particularly when you feel aggrieved that the bank’s BBSW margin has increased, in your view, arbitrarily.

Michael is an exception. I had the pleasure of Michael overseeing our corporate and personal banking matters when he was based in Western Australia. Rather than examine the business through the traditional corporate banking matrix, Michael took the time to understand the business’ fundamentals and worked to help structure banking solutions for our business that have stood the test of time.

Thank you for all your support, Michael and I hope others benefit from your industry insights and expertise.
Xavier Kris, Company Director | Advisor | Pre-IPO Investor

Perth, Western Australia.